Honour badges are badges that you earn when you create strips, get profile views, and also creating booklets.

Earning Honour BadgesEdit

Earning honour badges like when you create 50 strips, you earn the "Bronze Artist" badge.
Badge 1

The "Bronze Artist" badge.

Completed Badges and Upcoming BadgesEdit

Completed badges are badges that you completed, like you earned the "Bronze Artist" badge. Upcoming badges are badges that you need to complete in order to be on the completed badges section. Like when you complete the "Bronze Artist" badge, there is now a badge that is called "Silver Artist." In order to earn "Silver Artist," you need to make 100 strips.

Known Badges from Strip Generator.comEdit

The following is a list of all achievable Honour Badges from Strip Generator.  If there is any information not listed here, please feel free to add to our list. Thanks!

  • Bronze Artist: Create 50 strips
  • Silver Artist: Create 100 strips
  • Gold (Mostly called "Golden") Artist: ????
  • Platinum Artist: ????