Strip Generator (also known as SG or StripGen) is an easy-to-use, user friendly website by and Ziga Aljaz. This easy drag-and-drop comic maker on which users could create comics is free-to-use. This is also known for students and teachers (and schools) too.

How to use Strip GeneratorEdit

It's easy! There is no sign-up required for that. Look for the red speech bubble that says: Create New Strip, and you are ready to make a strip! First of all, you start off with a 1 row strip, with 3 frames. You may add and drag-and-drop Characters, Items, and Text into the strip! If you already know how to use Strip Generator, You'll probably will do it by yourself now! Now, lastly, you may publish your strip by clicking "Finish." You may change the Title, tags, and the description. If you are done, click "Publish," and your strip will be shown to everyone if the checkbox for Private strip is unchecked. Now you know how to use Strip Generator, you could make another strip if you want!

Example Strip

A example strip.


  • Strip Generator is free-to-use.
  • Some Strip Generator characters are a spin-off of the "Prison Architect" characters.